Schedule Meetings

with your Legislators

If you have not already registered for Day at the Capitol, start here

To find your the MN Senator and MN Representative who represent your Y, and get their office phone number, use these links:

If you are not sure who represents your Y, search using your address on this State of MN website


Check the districts of your Senators and Representatives to see if there are areas of overlap with other YMCAs or Camps. If you discover overlap, reach out to the Executive Director of the other YMCA(s) to coordinate the appointment. 


Make a call to the legislator's offices and set up your meetings.


If possible, set up your meeting after 10:30 am, so that you can attend the training from 9:30 am - 10:30 am. However, you may schedule the meeting for any time of the day that works with your legislator – even if it overlaps with other events planned for the day.


If your legislator is not available on during our event, try to set up a meeting for another day either in at their Capitol office or back in your district.


    Here's a sample script for your call:


Hello, my name is:__________. Along with many staff and volunteers, I will be attending YMCA Day at the Capitol on February 27th.


Senator (or Representative) __________ represents the area of my Y. I would like to meet with her/him on February 27th, to discuss some of the issues that are important to the people and community our Y serves.


Could you please give me some times that she/he would be available to meet with us that day?



Please give us the details of your meeting schedule using the link below