The Minnesota Alliance of YMCAs

The Minnesota Alliance of YMCAs consists of 18 separate associations, their branches and camps across the state.  Each is a separate distinct entity, locally self-governed with a Board of Directors and operations/program staff.  All are aligned with and sanctioned by the YMCA USA.


The Y's across our state have come together to form the Minnesota Alliance of YMCAs, as an opportunity to focus on promoting public policy on a proactive basis in the Y focus areas of Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.  The Minnesota State Alliance of YMCAs is an unincorporated alliance of YMCAs in the State of Minnesota and is registered with YMCA of the USA as a related organization.


Minnesota Alliance Structure and Governance


While there has been a Board in place for the past few years, in September 2013, the Board took the steps of formally adopting bylaws.  Upon adoption, the Board also appointed new leadership, board members and committee members.


The Minnesota Alliance Board reviews our collaboration on public policy initiatives and is working to expand collaborative opportunities, such as shared vendor relationships, joint purchasing, training opportunities and program development.  Much of this discussion also requires the close involvement and approval of the Minnesota Alliance member CEO’s throughout the state, as well as their respective Boards, since each Y system is independently governed.  The Minnesota Alliance Executive Director and the Y-USA State Resource Director facilitate conversations among all entities involved in these collaborative endeavors.


Going forward, the Minnesota Alliance will be exploring opportunities to sustain our collaboration into the future.  Key to sustainability will be our ability to achieve results and to effectively promote them to potential internal and external funders.  If you or your organization is interested in supporting and or partnering with us, please contact Mark Hennessy, Executive Director.


As a state, Minnesota has been a recognized leader in the promotion of the health and wellness of its citizens.  Each member of the Minnesota Alliance of YMCAs has been a part of that leadership over the years.  Our work to strengthen the Minnesota Alliance and to speak with one voice statewide will enhance our ability to deliver on Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility across the state of Minnesota.



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